Data Hosting and Server Locations

The underlying infrastructure used to power the FormJoy platform is delivered through Heroku (our hosting provider), and their Europe region has been selected for all application and database hosting. This is particularly important for all clients who are subject to GDPR requirements. Specifically, the dynos and databases that power the FormJoy platform reside physically in the region specified (i.e. Europe).

There are some services ancillary to the main Heroku Postgres and Heroku Redis databases that are located in the US. These include:
  • the temporary storage used for database snapshots, which are automatically created as part of our system or regular backups (each available for a week before being permanently destroyed).
  • the application logs, system logs and Heroku Postgres logs that are routed to Logplex, which is hosted in the US.

More information on Heroku regions is visible here: And specifically for Heroku Postgres data residency you can see this information:

For the purpose of FormJoy, Heroku acts as a subprocessor of data as defined under GDPR. You can review further information on all FormJoy subprocessors here:, and you can review further information from Heroku on how they comply with GDPR here:
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